Affiliate Program

Cute Kitten Fashion Affiliate Program

The program is a cooperation between Cute Kitten Fashion and the affiliate. It's a great way to achieve mutual benefit and have fun doing it. Affiliates can earn a high commission rate and they have a very attractive discount to offer to their social media followers and friends. The discounts combined with the already very competitive prices and the great selection of products means the affiliate has great chance to earn and increase their status on social media. Having been selected as an affiliate the affiliate has already expressed an enthusiasm for Cute Kitten Fashion and an ability to reach customers with similar fashion and style tastes. We are proud of our affiliates and very much hope to grow the relationship to produce more success for Cute Kitten Fashion and ever increasing benefits for our affiliates.

 It is our firm belief that the affiliate should be deeply involved with our business and we encouraged ideas and suggestions that will increase their opportunities to earn. The program is a partnership and Cute Kitten Fashion will work with the affiliate to increase their benefits.


Program Benefits

  1. Affiliates get a discount code to promote. The code will give 20% discount to the customer on the total of their order.

- 1.1 code can be used once by the same customer.

- 1.2 affiliates can also use the code once themselves, after they have had at least one customer ordering with their code. 

-1.3 text used in the code can be discussed. Basically it can be made to include anything that is good for your marketing. Normal would be to use the affiliates name on Instagram but the Affiliate can request a different code name.

- 1.4 promotions can be made on Instagram and any other platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.

- 1.5 initially 2 codes can be issued to affiliate subject to agreement. If the affiliate wishes to use a different code name on different platforms, two different code names can be made to suit the platform.

-1.6 the codes can be cancelled at any time if affiliate isn't performing as agreed or the affiliate indicates they no longer want to continue. Also, periodically codes will be cancelled and updated.


  1. Affiliates receive 10% commission on sales made with any of their codes. 

            - 2.1 this is 10% of the sales price after the 20% discount. Example.

Original selling price £20

Customers discount price £16

10% commission = £1.60.

- 2.2 commissions will be converted to points in the Cute Kitten Fashion Rewards Program and used as credit to purchase from the webstore.( £1 commission = 100 points to spend).

- 2.3 if accumulated commission is at least £30 Cute Kitten Fashion may pay this to the Affiliate in cash via PayPal on request.

-2.4 use of the codes is tracked on our webstore platform. We will provide an overview of the order value against a particular code at any time on request.


  1. Conditions


3.1 Affiliate needs to create an account on Cute Kitten Fashion website.

3.2 affiliate should get at least one sale with their code before they use the code one time themselves.

3.3 customers and affiliates can't use the discount code in combination with other offers requiring use of a discount code. In other words, only one discount code can be used per order. ( The website limits this)

3.4 the affiliate will not speak out negatively about Cute Kitten Fashion and will promote in a positive way.

3.5 affiliates should Like and follow Cute Kitten Fashion on all social media platforms that both are active. Also as much positive engagement with our posts would be appreciated.


  1. Extra Bonuses

4.1 affiliates also get commission on their own use of the code. In effect this means they get 28% discount on those purchases.

4.2 affiliates can take advantage of any other campaign offers made by Cute Kitten Fashion (although not on combination with their affiliate discount). These do not earn commission.

4.3 affiliates can also save points in the award program (in addition to their commission)

4.4 affiliates can repost Cute Kitten Fashion blog posts, Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest and Tumblr posts to use to promote their code.


  1. Marketing support

5.1 Cute Kitten Fashion will make best efforts to post regularly on social media with posts that affiliates can repost to promote their code.

5.2 we will provide images and promotional text on request.

5.2 if affiliates have their own websites or blogs, Cute Kitten Fashion can promote them with backlinks on our webstore blog. Just ask us!

5.3 if affiliate wants to be a product promoter eg. Writing product reviews, modelling products for photo shoots etc. We welcome this! This is not a product promoter program which provides free products for this purpose; however affiliates can purchase products at their discount rate. Other ideas can of course be discussed. 

5.3 we welcome discussion and feedback. Please let us know if you have ideas such as; new products that you would like to promote, new market segments or product lines you see opportunities for, suggestions for website improvement, possible partnership ideas with other webstores, ideas for improving affiliate earning potential etc.

For suggestions that result in sales we will give additional rewards!