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Mark Parker

Cute Kitten Fashion Affiliate Program

The program is a cooperation between Cute Kitten Fashion and the affiliate. It's a great way to achieve mutual benefit and have fun doing it. Affiliates can earn a high commission rate and they have a very attractive discount to offer to their social media followers and friends. The discounts combined with the already very competitive prices and the great selection of products means the affiliate has great chance to earn and increase their status on social media. Having been selected as an affiliate the affiliate has already expressed an enthusiasm for Cute Kitten Fashion and an ability to reach customers with similar fashion and style tastes. We are proud of our affiliates and very much hope to grow the relationship to produce more success for Cute Kitten Fashion and ever increasing benefits for our affiliates.

 It is our firm belief that the affiliate should be deeply involved with our business and we encouraged ideas and suggestions that will increase their opportunities to earn. The program is a partnership and Cute Kitten Fashion will work with the affiliate to increase their benefits.

If you are interested in working with us please contact us by email via the website "contact us". Please also Create an Account with us.

If you have enthousiasm to promote our products and discuss ways to increase business, we would love to have you on board!!

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