The Trending Choker Look for 2017

Lisa Jane

The choker look is still here.. in fact you could argue it never went away. What defines today's trend is the incredible variety of choker styles and materials that are available.

 Some predictions for 2017 see the trend towards more delicate chain chokers in gold and silver or with hanging seen here..


Whichever material, one look that will be trending is the layered choker. Multiple layers of choker combined with other necklaces of varying lengths... DIY by making your own combinations.. add your favourite pendant necklace to a black velvet choker. Or shorten the chain of your cutest cute kitten pendant and wear it tighter around the neck. Shorten to collar length 37-40 cm or just a bit longer 45cm for a short necklace.

To make things easier and give you a great look get your layered choker as an all in one choker necklace... with two layers or 3 or 4 or 5... all variants are available to buy.

we love these designs...


see more styles at Cute Kitten Fashion

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